Polypropylene bags (Coated/Uncoated)

Poly propylene bags are ideal choice for customers looking for economic solution for tough and tear resistance material .

Polypropylene bags are ideally suitable for a range of packaging applications such as grain & pulses, agricultural commodities, seed, fertilizer and chemical, animal feed, pulses, animal feed, seed, flour, sugar etc.

We can supply bags with customized 4 color printing as per your requirement. We are using food grade ink and other ancillary products to maintain our commitment towards safety and environmental responsibilities. For outdoor application we can also supply bags with special UV Stabilizer. 


  • 100% Recyclable
  • Tougher material (better burst strength) than regular paper bag.
  • Weather resistant: don’t degrade when wet
  • Lighter in weight, use less transportation resources
  • Re-usable
  • Less expensive
  • Breathable (vapour permeable).
  • Prevents water, moisture and air infiltration.
  • Easy to Handle

Additional features:

  • Single/both side Coating 
  • D-Punch handle
  • Vent strip for Air permissibility
  • UV protection
  • Flexo Printing (4 color )
  • Hemmed top
  • Inside Liner (Attached/Loose)
  • Anti-slip coating
  • Colored fabrics
  • Identification mark for easy distinguishability


  • Animal food & Nutrition: Pet food, Animal Feed, Specialty Minerals   
  • Agricultural Products: Seed, Grain, Pulses, Fertilizer & Chemical
  • Food: Salt, Sugar, Flour, Starch, Food Additives, Spices
  • Alloys & Mineral: Ferroalloys, Stones, Gravel, Cement
  • Plastics: Resin, Granules
  • Consumer Packaging: Tea, Coffee, Packaged food


Technical Parameters


Polypropylene (PP) / High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Fabric Weave (Mesh)

5x5 to 14x14 per sq. in.

Tape Width

2.5 mm is our standard width which could be customized as per requirement 

Tape Denier

500 Denier to 2000 Denier

Fabric width

As per requirement

Fabric Color 

Natural, Milky or Colored. Identification strips are also possible


4 color Flexo print

Additional Features

UV Stabilizer, Anti-slip coating, Micro-perforation, Vent strip, Liners