Polyprolyne Anti-slip bag

Our Anti-slip bags are very suitalbe for products in fine granulated powder form and generally require more stack ability and movement.

The anti-slip property is achieved by special mesh construction during weaving process of polypropylene fabric which gives them better slip resistance compare to the bags coated with anti-slip additives. More over, the bags with anti-slip coating is not as reliable as our Special Anti-slip bags. It is 100% guaranted solution where anti-slip property is must required.


  • Gives better stack ability
  • More secure and Time saver during transportation
  • Cost effective
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Environment friendly due to absence of anti-slip coating  
  • Re-usable


  • Flour, Rice, Sugar, Grain & Pulses
  • Chemicals & Fertilizer
  • Cement & Polymers
  • Bird Feed / Dog Feed / Cat Feed / Horse Feed / Bird Seeds