Polyprolyne Mesh bag

Mesh/Leno bags are used for packing fresh vegetables, fruits, potatoes, onions, etc. They are specially woven and designed to maintain freshness of the packed goods by allowing air inside the bags to prevent inner moisture that may spoil the goods.

Manufactured using either polypropylene or poly thene, These bags are manufactured using UV-stabilizer for exterior application.

We can customize the mesh, width, length and color of the bag as per customer requirements

For better self appeal, mesh bag with center BOPP laminated strip is also available.


  • 100% Recyclabel
  • Good tensile and burst strength
  • Lighter in weight than, hence transportation cost will be lower
  • Cheaper in comparison to jute bags
  • Reusable, however number of cycles depends upon the material packed, storage, handling and other relevant parameters.
  • Not attacked by fungus, insects and rats
  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals
  • Safe in direct contact with food products
  • Easy visual inspection of contents packed is possible in leno bags.


  • Fruits & vegetables (Potato, Corn, Onion, Cabbage and other produce )
  • Flower
  • Outer packaging