Biodegradable bags

Our Bio degradable products made of special additives degrades plastic through bacterial/microbial action only. Unlike degrading agents, there is no requirement for other stimulants such as heat, light or mechanical stress.

Our additive based bio degradable bags are better than PLA based bio degradable bag, here are some reasons...

Recently, PLA-based films (PolyLactic Acid - derived from corn) have gained popularity as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional Polypropylene and Polypropylene-based films. PLA-based films are revolutionary products, they expand the capabilities of the world of packaging, offering unique capabilities. They are not, however, the panacea that they are promoted to be. When PLA-based films are exposed to the right conditions (light, heat, and oxygen) they will biodegrade in 6 months or less. Basically, these conditions are those found in a commercial composter. As such, PLAbased bags are ideal for organic waste applications. (Note: In order to meet this standard, PLA films must have a thickness of less than 0.8 mil.)

The 6 month window means that PLA-based packages have to be handled carefully. UV light on the store shelf, or excessive heat during transportation can begin the degradation process

PLA-based films are not the same as traditional polyfilms. They have different barrier and tensile properties - requiring changes to your manufacturing and printing process

PLA films are not recyclable

PLA films will not degrade unless in the presence of heat, light, and oxygen. This means that they will not degrade in a landfill

PLA films are expensive to produce, consequently, they can be as much as 3x the cost of traditional polyfilm-based products

PLA production is hard on the environment

Requires 90x more water to manufacture than polyfilms

The cost of Corn, the raw material, has risen over 200% in the last few years. Corn is a staple food in the developing world, and this price increase is unmanageable

Corn growth and PLA production actually used more petroleum in manufacturing than standard films


Biodegradable Product List - June 2010:


LD, MD, HD - Cast or Blown Film


2 Sides Sealable OPP

Coex PP & PE

Metalized, White, or Clear

Cast or Blown Film

Extrusion Coated



Nylon, PVC, PS, RPET

Thermoforming for tubs, trays, blisters


Polystyrene Meat and Cheese Trays

Biodegradable Foil Replacement Film

Clear or Metalized

2.0 - 5.0 mil

Similar barriers to foil

Development Stage

Biodegradable 48 ga. PET

Clear or Metalized

Biodegradable BOPP

All traditional gauges and finishes

Clear or Metallized

Stock Bags

Brown Kraft / Bio-PP Liner - 1 lb with Tin Ties

13.5" x 19" Metalized Pillow Bags with Valves


Printing, up to 10 Colors - 60" Wide - Flexo and Gravure

Laminations, Stand-Up Pouches, Side Gusset Bags, Regular Bags

De-Metalizing for Design Effects and Windows